Post Christmas


But wait! There’s more!

The Rambler Family Christmas does not end on the day itself. No, sirree. We love the season too much to let it be over in a day.

We know how to drag out a Christmas. Drag it out in the best possible way. We drive deep down south where there’s nothing but swamps, sand, and pine trees (and some towns, too) to spend time with my dad’s half of the family. We all spend four days together under the roof of a rambling century-old haunted mansion. And it’s awesome.

This year, Adventure Buddy is coming with us, which is quite exciting. We haven’t been on an adventure in a while, so it will be nice to add this adventure to our list.

For a few days, we get to ease ourselves out of Christmas by extending the part of Christmas that is, after all, among the most important: reconnecting with those we love.

There’s also no internet out there, which means that this post was written in advance. As will be the next few posts. It’s my little blogging break for the year.

May your Christmases continue a few days more, if not the whole year long.


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