Good Intentions


I always start a new thing with good intentions.

New semesters are always full of promise. A clean slate. We’ve only just started, so I can’t possibly be behind. This may be the semester I actually budget time to study for the test a little bit every day instead of frantically and at the last minute. This may be the semester I make flash cards and go to study groups. It might even be the semester that I start the research for the paper at the beginning of the semester instead of two weeks before the paper is due.

I’ll get to March an think, “Nope. Flying by the seat of my pants it is, then.”

It’s worked since high school. If a method aint’ broke, don’t fix it.

Still, I want more to stick. When I skim and study last minute, nothing remains in my head after the semester is over, which seems to defeat the purpose of getting a degree.

So maybe this is the semester to turn over a new leaf. I’m only taking three classes. I can afford to slow down and enjoy the process and absorb something, for crying out loud.

So….I will.


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