Did I mention I was dating?

Well, now you know. I was dating. I’ve been dating for the last two-ish years. Surprise!

Now, you may ask, how on earth did you manage to keep from talking about that on the blog? How, HOW, Risabella Rambler, oh she who bears her soul in snatches for the internet to peruse at its leisure while you rest behind the protective curtain of anonymity, HOW did you manage to keep your mouth shut on this important subject for so long?

Well, I didn’t. Not really. Those who know me and read the blog knew that something was up, even if they didn’t know details. And some of you may have raised your eyebrows at the ambiguous term “Adventure Buddy” that I assigned to my male friend who followed me to Croatia and back.

My reasons for not discussing my personal life on the internet were fivefold:

  1. Some things just aren’t the internet’s business.
  2. I dislike the term “dating,” for reasons I’ll discuss at a later date. I use the term only because it translates well.
  3. I dislike the terms “boyfriend” and “girlfriend,” for reasons I’ll discuss at a later date.
  4. I was honestly afraid of jinxing the relationship if I talked about it freely on such a permanent medium as a blog.
  5. I wanted to write this blog post in the way that I’m writing it now.

Believe it or not, I’ve dated two young men during The Risible Rambler’s lifespan. I was seeing another fellow for the first year of the blog. We parted ways and we’re both much happier now. The blog never knew. Neither did you.

I met the second fellow while I was dating the first, but we only met. We got to know each other many months after that relationship ended–after my first summer in Croatia. Our first date–which I was not aware was a date–took place on December 3rd, 2012. He became my Adventure Buddy, and my life has been magical ever since.

He started a blog for the intention of wooing me. You can read it here.

After that date, we decided to not let that date stop. We’ve been on one long date (with breaks) since then.

As of yesterday, we are no longer dating. Or perhaps I should say merely dating.

We are engaged.

Lord willing, we will be married in 158 days.

We counted.

And this blog is about to get a lot more interesting.


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  1. Dearest, I knew something was up with that blog yesterday. I was quite confidant there was an announcement coming. How exciting to read this news today!! Saying I am happy for you does not do my reaction justice. Love you so much. I am glad you chose to share this.

  2. Oh, my Goodness! Oh, my Gosh! Oh, my Golly! Oh, my Gee!!!!!!!!! I knew from that post yesterday that something magical had happened in your day! I am so incredibly happy for you and Adventure Buddy. A huge, big hug to both of you. I love you, my sweet niece. Can’t wait to read more of your adventures in this new chapter of your life.

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