The Big Reveal


I’ve maintained my anonymity for a long time.

Sure, many of my loyalest (most loyal?) followers are people who know me in real life. They see me daily or annually, depending on where they are geographically in relation to Anytown.

I have never posted a picture of myself on this blog. I am the paranoid type who wears tinfoil hats occasionally. The internet is not entitled to the face of The Risible Rambler, and I’ve wanted to keep it that way.

Until now.

Now, my curious friends, I will reveal to you my true identity. The first picture of myself ever to appear in full color, real as life, on this blog.

Here it is:


There. The secret’s out.

(That’s me and AB. We got our engagement pictures done and they’re adorable.)

(I’m the one on the right.)


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