Reality TV kind of outdid itself with Bridezillas–or, as I like to call it Pre-Divorce Court. Surely the whole thing was scripted, frame by frame. Call me naive, but I find it hard to believe that any human being could be that awful.

Well…maybe not.

In this show screaming, highly censored women rail their way through the wedding process. Most of the time they bicker with their grooms. They insist that the wedding is all about them. They reign as supreme dictator of the bridal party, the in-laws, her future husband, and her family. They throw things and break things and cry and wail and make women everywhere lose faith in their gender, and possibly even humanity.

The worst thing about these women is their selfishness. Their insistence that the wedding day is all about them. They demand to be the center of everyone’s attention. Their anger when they perceive that focus has been removed, even for a moment.

And all of them claim to be the kind of women who “always get their way.”

But at what a cost. Alienating their friends, their families, and the men they’re about to marry.

I watch these video clips in terror. I am taking notes about what not to do. Under any circumstances. At all.

I know that I will probably have a moment. One moment. One moment where something doesn’t go according to plan on the days leading up to the wedding and I will panic. And possibly cry.

This moment will happen in private and will last five minutes. Not a soul needs to find out about it as far as I’m concerned.

The day is not about me.

It’s about him, me, God, and the miracle of love.

I am human. But I will not devolve into a monster.



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