This has got to stop.

I’m a good girl all day. I start the morning with oatmeal. I go snackless until lunchtime, and lunch is almost always a salad with a glass of water and some kind of protein. I have an afternoon snack, go running, and then come back to the apartment for dinner, which is usually a fried egg and a smoothie.

Then, later that night, i eat the whole house.

I’m not hungry, per se. I just want to eat.

You see, I like food. I like wholesome food. I like organic produce and vegetable chips and salad. I like to eat. I exercise regularly not to lose weight, but to eat whatever I want within reason and with minimal guilt.

But I munch from 9 to midnight. Cereal here. Almonds there. Fruit over there. A little bit more and a little bit more.

I have a wedding dress to fit into.

This must stop.


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