They say it’s all about what the bride wants.

The flowers? Find what she likes. The dress? Only the perfect one will do. The food? To her taste. The music? Whatever makes her smile, and possibly cry a little. Or a lot.

Of course, money’s a limiter. So, it’s naturally whatever the bride wants within established financial limits. As it should be. The wedding is once: don’t go into debt for it. Make the marriage more beautiful than the wedding,s o they tell me.

Many brides want the moon. They want the carriage ride and the red carpet. They want arbors of flowers and custom bridesmaids dresses and trips to Bermuda. They want a DJ and a lit-up dance floor and an open bar. They want limos and specialty catering and crystal wine glasses at the reception.

I have never wanted the moon. Not for my wedding. The most extravagant daydream I’ve  ever had for my wedding is a flash mob done by the bridal party. And I’m fine without that. I’m happy without it.

All I want is to say “I do” to the love of my life. All i want is a beautiful marriage.

And right now, I want sleep.


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  1. There is a place for making a decision and sticking with it too. We decided on a morning wedding, but after having sent out all our invitations I had two different people ( not in the wedding party) tell me it was far too early for a wedding and I ought to change it.
    I’d already sent invitations. You just can’t please everybody. 😄

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