They used to be for homework.

Now, apparently, they’re for shopping. For food. For toiletries. For clothing. Rarely for funsies or kicks or even giggles.

Also, all the socializing you put off during the week comes back to haunt you on the weekend. You know, because you work all day and do homework all night so your answer to every invitation is “No” or “Maybe later” and by “later” you meant “Saturday” or possibly “never”.

Socializing is great. You’ve got to let people know you love them somehow, and for some people that means running off with them for an hour or two. And that’s important.

But when does homework get done, you ask?

Late, late at night.


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  1. Work first, play later.

    And if you never get to play, remember the family dictum:

    “Life is hard; then you die.”


    The Dadster

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