Remember being a little kid and never wanting to go to bed?

I mean, your parents got to stay up, and it didn’t kill them. More awake time meant more reading time, more play time, more living time.

You vowed that when you grew up, you’d stay up as late as you wanted to and no one would say you nay.

Then you grew up. And staying up wasn’t just something you did for fun. It was something you had to do. Every. Night. suddenly you realized that being an adult meant going to bed late all the time, even when you were too tired to keep your eyes open.

And you long for someone to tell you you have to go to bed. And not get up until they come and wake you.

And you wish your were five years old so you could remember what a good night’s sleep is.

And you realize your parents were doing you a favor.

Then, you realize, you have really grown up.


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