Every once in a while, it would be great to have a sign.

A big, bright, glowy neon sign that says “TURN RIGHT AT NEXT INTERSECTION” or something similarly helpful.

I mean, GPSs do so for roads and highways. Why can’t there be something similar that works for life decisions? It would save all the agonizing and option-weighing and hair-pulling. You would just know, without the faintest of doubt-shadows, that you were supposed to go right or left, backwards or forwards, up or down.

I mean, you could stick a sheepskin on your porch and hope for the best, I guess, but that may have been a one-time thing.

Just once, I wish that making the bigger choices was as simple as choosing an answer on a multiple-choice test. You know, the kind you had a study guide for and you studied for hours so you know precisely what you should do. There are some things you can’t really study for.

Yes. I acknowledge that the Bible is our Guidebook. It gives us principles, promises, and truth. But there’s never a book, chapter, and verse that says “you should take that class” or “you should say this thing to your friend” or “you should make that appointment” or “that’s not worth your money.”

Nope. That’s all up to faith. And a lot of leaping and trusting. We are not automatons; we were given free will. And it’s not like God will be surprised by our decisions.

Still…specifics would help sometimes.


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