Let It Snow


I’m behind.

Believe me, I’m thrilled to be getting married, but there’s a lot more on my plate this semester now than there would be if I weren’t getting married in June.

(I’d still rather get married in June than not be super busy.)

But I’m behind.

Mostly it’s my schedule. Classes don’t stagger well with work and free time. And there’s a ton of reading. A TON of reading. I’m mostly up on that, but there are writing projects and research projects coming my way, and I can’t seem to get enough time to do them all. Every time I think I have a free Saturday…I don’t.

So I need it to snow.

I need it to dump. Buckets and buckets of snow. None of this “wintery mix” nonsense. I need snow and ice to clog the roads so school shuts down and I can stay in my apartment and work on things. School things.

And if anyone calls to tell me “we need to go do this or that or the other thing” I can say “sorry, I can’t get to my car.” And I would stay inside and read and write things.

And I would like to build a snowman.

(But it doesn’t have to be a snowman.)


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