There are two responses to an open door: walk through it, or don’t.

Every once in a while, along comes an opportunity. What tends to happen in college, especially late college, is an uptick in the number of opportunities. Maybe it’s because everyone is asking us “What on earth are you doing after you graduate?” and the answer hidden in the subtext of our memorized reply speeches is “I have no idea.”

From what I’ve gathered, people rarely end up doing the thing they set out to do. Aspiring artists become missionaries. Aspiring English professors become safety auditors. Life almost never takes the course we plan for it, but a better one, and that’s what makes life beautiful.

Every so often, opportunity knocks. And you open the door and decide if you’re going to change the course of your life. Changing course doesn’t happen in one decision. It happens in five decisions, or even a thousand little tiny decisions. Sometimes a decision as simple and ordinary as walking to the right or walking to the left.

It’s the little decisions that determine who we meet, where we go, what we encounter, what subtle influences sway our minds to the bigger decisions: the jobs we take, the cities we move to, the people we marry. Even how we choose to spend the afternoon is important. How quickly we work. How slowly.

There are infinite possibilities, but only one ultimate outcome.

And we agonize over which choice is “right” and which is “wrong.”

The simple answer, of course, is “to do what God wants,” but how vague is that?

Here’s what He wants: he wants us to love Him and to love others. He wants us to spread the Gospel. He wants us to do unto others as we would have done to us. He wants wives to submit to their husbands and husbands to love their wives. He wants us to be holy as He is holy. He wants us to forsake our creature comforts to follow Him. He wants us to remember that we’re not here to build kingdoms on this planet, in this world. He’ll do that for us in His own good time, but our job is to remember that earth is not our home.

He doesn’t give us a mystical experience that tells us our specific path in life. But He does promise us that He’ll give us the desires of our hearts. That means He grants the desires He gives. He also gives the desires.

Walk close to Him, follow His law, bear His easy yoke, Allow yourself to be loved by God and love Him back. This friendship is the best there is or could possibly be. And since He’s promised to give you the desires you’re supposed to have when you walk with Him, you’ll know exactly where to go.

And then the doors start opening.

And you start walking through.

And if you have the opportunity to go to bed early…always take it.


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