Jitterbug Brained


It’s like my brain is hopping around inside my skull.

A bird on a power line, its little feet tingling with energy. Its little wings fluttering to keep balance,

My brain sees the information on the page, but shakes it off like a dog shakes off water after a bath. The bath is good for the dog, but the dog would rather be dry. The notes on the page are good for the brain, but the brain would rather be sleeping and empty.

My brain repels focus like two magnets repelling each other. Nothing is absorbed; all rational elements are pinging off the surface and skidding across the frictionless floors of my mind.

It doesn’t want to memorize lists of why Helena from All’s Well that Ends Well wasn’t a social climber and lists of who was surprised by who at the end of Measure for Measure. The words all become a jumble of ideas in my mind, not the clear, focused outline that my professor gave me in class.

Either it’s time to study harder, or go to sleep.


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