So it’s supposed to snow again tomorrow. But the weather channel keeps changing its mind.

It was the image of optimism this morning. (Or pessimism, depending on your perspective.)

“An inch of snow tonight and early tomorrow morning!” cried the weather channel. “Three to five inches of accumulation Wednesday night! 100% chance!!! BUY ALL THE BREAD AND MILK!!”

By the afternoon, it was less assertive.

“Maybe some snow tonight. Definitely really early tomorrow morning. But there’s still going to be snow on Wednesday! 90%!!”

And by tonight, it was all like:

“Maybe snow tonight. Maybe snow Wednesday. Meh.”

And by tomorrow morning, the report will be “Rain. Just cold and rain. For days.”

I honestly think the weather channel is all about getting our hopes up and then squashing them like little bugs. Because if it’s not going to be magically warm and sunny again, at least give us some snow.

But no. Just rain.

Days and days of rain.


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