Dumb WordPress is Dumb


Greetings, friends.

It has come to my attention that 1) yesterday’s blog post never appeared in my subscribers’ inboxes and 2) the text for my February 22nd mysteriously changed to completely new content.

I’m sure some of my more loyal followers are wondering why on earth I chose such a random time to break my record of writing something every day.

Last night I started a new post in the same tab as my post from the previous night. The tab was labeled “New Post” and gave me a blank document to work with, so I assumed that I was, in fact, writing a new blog post.

Somehow I actually ended up editing away the post from Sunday night.

I have not broken my record. WordPress’s programming is stupid sometimes, that’s all. So this is a filler post for yesterday.

If you’re that sad about yesterday’s post, it’s still on the blog, just written down as for the 22nd and not the 23rd.

if you care.

If not, please ignore this ramble.


Ramble back at me...

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