Dear Upstairs Neighbors


I’m glad you know how to have a good time. Really.

I understand the value of a good time. I try to let myself laugh long and loud on a regular basis–for health reasons, mostly. The more I laugh, the happier and therefore healthier I am.

But really.

I’m not sure if you hold bowling matches in your apartment, or if you just rearrange the furniture on a daily basis. Hearing the amount of laughter and general jocularity trickling down from my ceiling, I’d say bowling.

Also, how many people live in your apartment, and of what gender? Judging by the mixed gender laugh track and the way the ceiling shakes sometimes, I’d assume the whole cast of FRIENDS is up there.

And another thing–must you synchronize your showers with mine? It would be great to get to the end of my day and be able to take a long, hot shower.  And that’s probably what you’re thinking, too, but something about the plumbing in this building defers all of the hot water to you the minute you turn the spigot. Don’t think I can’t hear you turn it, either.

There was the time you all did that singsperation late on a Saturday night. I’m sure it was an inspirational moment for ya’ll, and I’m happy for you, but some of us have homework to do and don’t want to hear you belt out choruses at 11:00 at night.

I’m sure you’re just as excited as I am about life and all it entails, but try to remember you live with a dozen other people in this building, and the walls and ceilings are paper-thin.

Much love,

Your Neighbor


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