It used to be that writing anything for a class was like pulling teeth. I couldn’t manage 500 words without agonizing over every word.

Then, as the years progressed, writing the bigger papers became easier. One thousand words became almost easy. I had a method: make the outline, flesh out the outline after many hours of careful sentence-crafting.

Then last semester happened. I had to write a 5,000 word paper about the works of Virginia Woolf. I wrote this paper over the course of four days. My fingers hurt for a week afterwards.

And this week, I’m writing a paper. I’m about 2/3 of the way through a paper that’s supposed to end at a maximum 1500 words.

I’ve written 1,468 words.

I’m going to have to trim. Trimming is almost worse than writing, because you can’t just hack away at the paper–you have to splice sentences together to make new, concise ones. You have to drop points you thought were important. It’s agonizing.

On the bright side, I’m more done than I thought I would be by the end of Wednesday night.


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