i can’t do the typing anymore. Not even gonna backspace. My fingers won’t do it.

my fingers just won’t go down i n the right order. An d that includeds the spacebar.

i’ve been tinkering with my Shakespeare paper for the last few hours. I’m over word count, but still have amyny (8*sigh* many) things to say. But my brain won’t form intrecate connections anymore. i fell (ugh…feel) like this is quite possibly the worst paper I have aeer (erg…ever) written.

Well…maybe some I wrote when I was 10 rival it. But who knows?

I just want to go to bed and not thingk about Measu–sorry, must italicize–Measure for Measure anymore .


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  1. Haha, this made me laugh! So true. And I feel your pain, as well. 😦 But thank you for turning it into a smile. 🙂

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