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My Adventure Buddy and I were talking about houses. We’re getting married, so talking about buying a house is a very normal couple thing to do.

But we’re not a normal couple. So we’re talking about buying a Tiny House.

Tiny Houses are growing in popularity among those who are done with huge rent and tons of superfluous stuff. Most of them are fitted with wheels so they can be hauled behind a truck like an RV. There are Tiny House-friendly camping spots where you can stop to hook up your power and water for the night. You basically take your whole house with you.

But they’re real houses. Sinks, ovens, bathrooms with showers, all the comforts of home in one 100 square foot space.

We want to travel. Not just travel, but spread the Gospel as we go. Just because we want to travel doesn’t mean that we don’t want four walls and a roof, either.

There would be a lot we’d have to learn to live without. Air conditioning, for example, which is something of which we are both particularly fond. I am the kind of person who attaches great sentimental value to things–just little harmless things that I’ve had around me for years which I inevitably would have to get rid of. AB travels light and hangs onto very little, so the learning curve would be for me.

So here’s my prayer: that I learn to let go of all the little things that hold me back from following God’s purpose for my life. Even if He decides we never get a tiny house.


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  1. The Dadster Ripostes:

    Tiny Houses need not be so small, and A/C units have become quite compact.

    A properly equipped sleeping loft can house a whole bunch of stuffed animals during the day! J

    And Mumsie will NEVER allow me to fulfill my tiny-house fantasy—though we may get one as a vacation home in those magical NC mountains.

    So—there’s always the paternal manse for storing your “stuff”!


    The Dadster

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