Writer’s Block


The one thing you have to write is the last thing you want to write.

I’d rather write a pantoum right now. I’d rather write the first chapter of a nonfiction book brewing in my brain. I would rather research tiny houses and cooking and the health benefits of papaya seeds than colonial lag and the development of American English.

I’d rather be writing those things than I would like to be writing this blog post.

I’m intimidated out of my skin by the subject material for the class this paper belongs to. I’m now a little intimidated by my blog after having my open letter from Sunday posted on Facebook 84 times–and now I feel like everyone is watching. I mean, that’s what I want for the blog–but it still feels intimidating.

Is it possible to be intimidated by the things you enjoy doing the most? Yes, I think it is.

Especially since right now, at this moment, I’d rather be doing a mountain of other things than writing that blame paper.


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  1. My blog is where I write when writer’s block attacks. When I can’t think of what I want, I go to the blog and spew forth some nonsense about crabs or huge brown koalas or a horse who makes pig sounds. Whatever comes to mind. Good luck with your paper!

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