Empty House


It’s amazing how much doesn’t get done when the roommate isn’t here.

There can’t be enough said for the virtue of having another person in the room while you’re working. The power of immediate accountability is perhaps the only thing that will keep me on task for the next few months.

When no one else is in the room, I only do half of every task. I empty half the sink. I put away half of the laundry. I scrub the sink, not the shower. I write in half-paragraphs, leaving them to do other tasks and then returning to complete them.

I tend to forget that God is watching.

God is my friend, and He is the ultimate accountability. I think that if I remembered this more often, I’d get a lot more done, and the apartment would be neater. I only have so many minutes in my life–and I waste so many of them. Remembering God is with me at all times, guiding my steps even in my most quiet moments, reminds me to keep working for the sake of making Him smile.

It is good to know I am never alone. Because judging by the state of this room, it’s probably a good idea not to leave me alone for very long.


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