You remember what is was like being a kid and being jealous towards adults because they got to stay up as late as they wanted? Remember that?

I think we all vowed at some point in our innocent years that when we were adults, we’d stay up as late as we wanted to just because we could. We’d eat two slices of cake for dessert. In fact, we’d have cake for dinner.

But you get to the point where you’re a rent- and tax-paying adult, and you realize that you really, really want to go to bed early. And you still want the cake for dinner, but there’s this thing called diabetes and cake for dinner is one of its contributing factors.

Being an adult is nothing like we thought it was.

Being an adult is actually pretty lame.

I’d pay money to have someone tell me to go to bed on time.


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  1. Good point. Being a kid is way better. Now that I’m not one I go to bed earlier than I did when I was one! And I eat a bunch of brown health food that tastes like a rhino colon. What the heck happened?

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