Out of Order


Three of the library’s staff members have been rendered almost completely useless by their upcoming nuptials.

The girl in the periodicals department got engaged over Christmas and is getting married in August. She’s moving to Switzerland immediately after her wedding, and will be traveling with a missions team in the months leading up to the wedding. she has about six weeks to prepare for both her wedding and the move to another country.

I got engaged as soon as the semester started. I’m starting a new job two days after the semester ends. In the meanwhile I’m trying to stay on top of grades and not freak out about wedding things too much. Ha. Ha ha ha. In 86 days and 10 hours, I will become a Mrs.

This weekend, the girl in charge of interlibrary loans got engaged. She was originally planning to get married in September, but plane tickets her sister needs to fly in from Papua New Guinea will be cheaper in May, so she’s throwing her wedding together over the course of 52 days.

We cannot focus on work. We have tried. But it’s a challenge.

But we’re too happy to notice much.


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  1. Somehow my fiancée and I can sympathize. We reached 100 days today! 🙂

    Best wishes to all three of you and your future husbands.

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