The Best Laid Plans


The goal is always to get to bed early. But life happens.

There might very well be a test tomorrow, but you have to work all evening long. And there will be forces pushing and pulling you all day long, at work, in class, in your down time–all the time. Distractions and surprise encounters and occasional headaches.

You might be distracted by an idea. You hear of a ghost story, then look to see if your library has a ghost encyclopedia or a compendium of common ghostly legends. Your library doesn’t, but another in the state does, so you order it. You do online research when you should be trying to figure out what to write for your paper that’s due in a few weeks. You get the book at last, then hunt through its pages. You contact a folklore blogger who might have more information. You obsess over something pointless and forget what on earth your blog post is supposed to be about.

Ah, yes. Distractions. Delays.

You get back from work and intend to write a blog post about delays when you and your roommate start a conversation about how people in your environment take dating way too seriously–serious to the point of agonizing over whether or not to say yes to Date One because HE MIGHT THINK YOU’RE THE ONE and that’s too much pressure for Date One, or even Two or Three. And you invent a fictional startup dating casual dating/matchmaking service that would help teach people how to be good dates. And come up with marketing schemes. And branding.

And now it’s almost midnight and you still haven’t gone to bed. And there’s a test to study for tomorrow morning.

Not everything will go as planned.


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