Spare Moments


It’s hard to fill spare moments wisely when you’re really, really tired and really, really lacking in the motivation department.

The projects I’m doing right now require long stretches of uninterrupted time. Trouble is, every moment of my day involves a series of transitions. Apartment to campus, campus to gym, gym to apartment, to name a few. (The gym time slot is necessary for my and everyone else’s sanity.)

Every transition means a few more wasted moment spent in resettling. Anymore, those moments are spent doing worthwhile things, but nothing pertaining to the projects I need to be working on. Research on cancer fighting food, for instance. Emptying the dishwasher. Trimming my fingernails.

I’ve trimmed away a lot of pointless distractions, only to meet with new ones that are less pointless, but just as distracting.

And all of them are keeping me from going to bed at midnight.


Ramble back at me...

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