Ride the Waves


Some of the best advice I’ve gotten lately is this simple phrase: “Enjoy your hormones.”

That came from a doctor. A female doctor much older and wiser than me.

As a woman, hormones tend to be my enemy. They effect my mood, my appetite, how I feel physically, how well I sleep, my body temperature, and everything about my overall health. These hormones exist in a delicate and easily overturned balance. One chemical goes out of place, and suddenly I’m needing to resist throwing the phone against the wall while I’m on hold.

But the thing is–they are out of my control. No drug, no herb, no diet or lifestyle change will ever grant me full control over those hormones. A lot of control. But never full control.

So this lady told me to embrace them. I can’t control them. I can’t control a roller coaster.

But roller coasters are fun. Scary, yes. Stomach-lurching, yes. Worth it? Yes. My hormones are part of what make me female. And I really like being a girl.

My mood swings do not have to control me any more than I can control them. they can get me down, sure, but I always have the option of looking up.


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