The Hypocritical Hippie


I eat clean, healthy, balanced meals consisting primarily of vegetables, occasionally eating whole grains and minimally processed meats.

I said nothing about how I snack.

I’ve tried to be good. I promise I have. I’ve tried to keep sugary, preservative-laden and heavily processed food out of my apartment. I refuse to buy prepackaged cookies, ice cream, dry cereal, crackers, potato chips, or anything too small or munchy. I’m a muncher, and those little calories count. And those little calories are always unnecessary.

I am not the kind of person who is always on a diet. I stopped counting calories ages ago. But I do gain weight very easily, and staying healthy is a part of good stewardship. The junk in snack foods will do long-term damage that I may not notice now, but I will notice later.

Also, I’m trying to make sure that I will still fit into my wedding dress, which fits like a glove.

But after Easter, a lot of chocolate snuck through the door. And pastries. And very, very carby food.

In theory, I could throw it away. But I have this deeply rooted moral opposition to throwing away any kind of food unless it’s gone bad. I offer treats to anyone who walks in the door–even strangers–but not everything is finding a happy home in someone else’s stomach.

All that to say, I just ate a slice of pound cake after offering it to every house guest I’ve had in the last two weeks. It wasn’t stale. It was really good. I couldn’t let it go to waste.

So now it’s going to my waist.


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  1. Ahahahah I love this. But hey, you’ve done a good job going to the gym! That pound cake won’t know what hit it ;)-

  2. All things in moderation.

    God wants us to enjoy the good things He made.

    That includes pound cake.

    And chocolate. I have no doubt in my mind that God smiled when He made chocolate.

    And coffee.

    But I digress.


    The Dadster

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