Late Nights


The last two weeks of school, you stop caring too much about the consequences of staying up too late.

Not because there’s a lot to do, necessarily. Not because you’re caffeinated or because there is (or is not) a test tomorrow.

It’s just that you get to a point where you’ve got stuff to do, it doesn’t get done during the day because other things happen, so you do it at night. Late into the night.

You realize you will only get more and more tired, and you’ll pay for it eventually (probably tomorrow during class when you can’t stay awake), but you also know that in two weeks, you can sleep as long as you like without consequences. You can go home. You can change into your pajamas and head to bed. You can not leave that bed until you are good and ready.

So any sleep you lose right now will be regained. Eventually.

Which is why I’ll be up quite late tonight.


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