Marching On


I turn 23 tomorrow.

I was born 23 years ago on a Tuesday after my poor mother went through over 24 hours of labor and a C-section. I don’t remember much of the event, but my mother swears it was worth it.

In the last 23 years, I have read well over a hundred books, visited over ten countries, lived in Europe for a year, learned to play the violin, taught myself to knit, written many many poems, graduated both high school and college, won the state championship in poetry interpretation, competed in a national speech tournament, performed in eleven plays (including a musical), made many lasting and life-changing friendships, blogged every day for the last four years, survived almost a full year of grad school, met the love of my life and have gotten engaged…among other adventures.

I have also lost all of my genetic grandparents, lost members of my church family (by death or departure), lost many friends (by death, by time, or by my own foolishness), survived an emotionally abusive relationship, lost my temper, lost my nerve, damaged my testimony, stumbled and fallen a thousand times.

In the last 23 years, I accepted Christ as my Savior. I was baptized. I went on four separate missions trips. I told God He could do whatever He wanted with me, so long as He stayed with me.

Right now the marching orders are “Do school. Do work. And from June 27th onward, do marriage.”

Simple enough, or so it seems.

The future is a frightening thing. I still feel 16 and completely unprepared for life, despite the quality training I’ve received at every turn. Part of me is stuck at 3, looking in the mirror and telling myself not to forget a moment of the life that awaited me.

I have forgotten so many moments. I have forgotten so many people. Some days all I remember is the bad, but there are so many good things to remember. Oh, so many wonderful things.

And I cannot forget, nor will I ever forget, that God is good. He is the Great Constant in my life. I have changed. My friends and family have changed. My world has changed. But God has not. And He never will.


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  1. God is good! And that is a good thing to remember. I enjoy reading all your posts, but I wanted to comment on this one: Happy Birthday, Rizzy!

  2. Happy Birthday, my sweet niece! You have had quite an adventurous first 23 years; I can’t wait to see where the next 23 will take you! Enjoy your day, and we’ll be seeing you very soon. Love you.

  3. Hi My Little Scion!

    So it comes to this. You are 23.

    You probably wouldn’t remember. I probably couldn’t forget.

    When your Mumsie told me that we were expecting a Little One, I bowed down before her, embraced her womb, and prayed something very like the following:

    “Father in Heaven, I thank you for this Little One. Whoever he or she turns out to be, I pray that You will allow me the privilege of teaching this Little One Your ways. If I can do that, then I am content with whatever You decide to do with him or her. If you send this Little One halfway around the world, where I never again see him or her in this life, I am content so long as I know that he or she is serving You.”

    In the ensuing 23 years, I have prayed many, many prayers over you.

    As far as I am able in my feeble human recollection to recall, He has answered every single one so far!

    On this day 23 years ago, I saw you for the first time. I held you for the first time. You reached out and grasped my finger for the first time.

    I learned what pure love was. God taught me that through you.

    Despite the fact that you have grown into a “long drink of water” of a young woman, you will always remain to me the Little One I carried on my shoulders for more years than I probably should have done.

    But I simply could not resist the ebullient giggle of that precious treasure grabbing my glasses.

    Simply put, my Little One: I love you with all my heart. I thank God daily for you. I pray for you daily.

    And I am absolutely certain that God has laid before you a journey that will amaze, challenge, and delight you.

    Yes—it will be fraught with trials.

    Go through them. He did too, when He walked among us.

    At the end, you get to look Him in the eyes and say, “Thank you!”

    More than that, my Little One, I could never pray.

    Love you with all my heart.

    Happy Birthday!!!!!

    The Dadster

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