Last Days


These are the last days of classes. Tomorrow is the last day any of us will have to go to class.

Next week, there will be exams. Monday through Thursday.

Friday is Commencement, the end of the semester.

Friday is also the last day of my job at the library. I have accepted a full-time staff position with Undisclosed University’s IT department, and I start on May 11th.

These are also the last days of my presence in this cosy apartment that I’ve shared with my delightful roommate for the last nine months. I’ll be moving to a new apartment during the month of May, an apartment I will be sharing with my husband after we get married.

These are my last days as a single lady. In 58 days, I will hand in my Miss for a Mrs. I will cease to be Risabella Rambler and will begin to be Mrs. Rizzy Something Else. (Eh. I’ll always be a Rambler. The papers will just say otherwise.)

So many things are ending.

Yet so many things are beginning.

And I wouldn’t stop them for anything.


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