One Day More


I try not to recycle blog post titles, but that one is worth the re-use.

A year’s journey is about to come to an end. Well, not a year. Nine-ish months. Nine months of getting used to adulthood. Nine months of paying bills and budgeting. Nine months of being a student, an employee, and a fiance all at once.

Now I’ll just be an employee and a fiance. And eventually a wife.

Soon I will move out of the little apartment I’ve called home for the last several months. I will miss it, but I am ready for a change of scene. Specifically, I’m looking forward to seeing my husband every morning.

I will also stop being a graduate assistant. I will still be a graduate student, but I will be taking courses one at a time while working full time.

That said, tomorrow will be my last day working at the library. I will not cry. I won’t. That will be the end of a five-year journey. It was my first and only job. And I will miss it.

Tomorrow I sail on to strange and uncharted shores. Everything is ending; everything is beginning.

Isn’t it delicious?


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