Tuesday List


  1. A pantry full of healthy food, and all I want is M&Ms.
  2. Day Two of the new job, and i still have no idea why they thought I would be good at this.
  3. And don’t ask me what “this” is. I still have no idea.
  4. This apartment is a mess.
  5. I need to sleep more.
  6. Also, write more.
  7. Also, my new office has a map of Middle Earth on the back wall now, so I’d say I’m pretty well settled in.
  8. Just kidding. Party doesn’t start until the unicorn statue makes it onto my desk.
  9. I sat at a desk all day. Then I came home, did yoga, then sat some more. This can’t be good for me.
  10. Three more days. Then weekend. One week closer to the wedding.

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