Dear Fellow Blogger


Hey, you.

Yes, you.

Why on earth are you up this late, reading a post by a blogger who doesn’t even put a picture of herself in her author profile?

Why are you still awake when you could be sleeping?

If you’re waiting for a jolt of inspiration, you’ll only find it after you’ve written absolute nonsense for hours that you know you’ll have to erase. But it’s the act of writing that gets the job done, so go do it, if you’re up this late for that purpose.

If you’re up late because you’re sad and sleeping sounds scary right now, believe me when i say it’s the best thing you could do for yourself right now, so go give it your best shot. Melatonin helps.

If you’re up this late because you’re plotting a violent takeover of something or some other kind of harm, then shame on you. What would your mother think?

If you’re up late because you’re trying to stretch the day out even longer, then don’t waste it on the internet. Make your extra-long day count by putting something on paper that your proud of, and don’t waste another minute.

There. I said my say.

Good night, dear blogger. Sleep tight.


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