Monday Surprises


  1. You can swear up and down that you’re not going to touch dessert all week, and then there’s cookie cake at the office.
  2. You’re too stuffed to run, yet your legs overpower your stomach.
  3. A friend from high school interviews for a job in your department. You haven’t spoken to him since high school. There is no way a first conversation will not be awkward.
  4. It’s possible to show up early to work, so long as you get up at an unholy hour.
  5. You can love a man with all your heart and soul, yet freeze up solid when you try to write meaningful wedding vows for the big day.
  6. Sterling silver can sometimes leave a black residue on your skin because of its copper content. Who knew?
  7. Garfield without Garfield is unexpectedly hilarious.
  8. It’s possible to start understanding and, yea verily, start speaking in IT jargon after three weeks of immersion.
  9. You can sleep in the same bedroom for nine years, yet when the furniture changes it’s like you’ve never been there before.
  10. Mondays aren’t always awful.

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