20 Days


I’m 20 days away from the best day ever.

I am simultaneously ready and not ready.

Emotionally, I’ve been ready for almost a year. Logistically, there’s still a lot to be done.

But are we ever completely ready for anything?

No. No we’re not.

And that’s okay.

If we could be completely ready for everything at all times, then we’d be God. And there’s only one God, and He’s got everything figured out so I can relax into the idea that I don’t have to have everything figured out. There’s something beautiful in that.

I know that for sure.

And I know I love my fiance for sure. And certain. And muchly. And foreverly.

So here we go.


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  1. SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Hate that i can’t be there. Make sure your videographer catches EVERY MOMENT so we can have a “movie night” party when we all get back for inservice!!!! 😉

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