This whole wedding experience is turning out to be a lot less dramatic than I thought it would.

All the weddings I’ve heard of, even the weddings of close friends, seemed to be a year-long, drawn-out, horrendous pile of drama. So much drama. Huge families butting heads, bridezillas or bridesmaidzillas or motherofthebridezillas, delinquent grooms, threats of calling off the wedding, actually calling off the wedding. I’ve heard it all.

I knew the people that would be helping me put the wedding together, and I knew that they are all reasonable, kind, and giving people. I did not expect drama. I little tension, maybe. Some tears shed. Maybe some hurt feelings.

Yes, it’s been stressful. But never too stressful. Not mind-blowingly terrifyingly stressful. Just tense. Just a lot to do.

Thankfully I have a big crew of people that are competently and efficiently getting things checked off the list.

This has been fun. I have seen nothing but the best out of everybody involved.

Still really ready for Saturday, though.


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