Short Story 4


S-sure, uh, what night works for you.” Did he and the girlfriend have a falling out? Was she away for the weekend? Was he trying to make her jealous? Get back at her for something? The cad.

“Any of them. Name a night.”

“Monday the 3rd?”

“Sure. I’ll get the tickets. See you then! Happy Thanksgiving!”

He hung up. I stared at the receiver and cried aloud to the empty room:

“But you’re dating!

We went to the play. December 3rd, 2012. I wrote it down in my journal so I wouldn’t forget.

I cornered David in the cafeteria later that week.

“David, is your brother dating?”

A hem. A haw. “Well…apparently not.”

So that was it. Sam wasn’t dating, and he liked me. We had this comfortably platonic relationship, and he had to go and like me, ruining everything. The first normal, healthy, pleasant friendship I’d ever had with a boy, and he just had to try and turn it into a romance. Jerk.


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