Some people attack life with drive and purpose. Some choose to do nothing but wait for their lives to begin. But a few rare people choose to simply…ramble.

I’m an aspiring writer who attends Undisclosed University (UU) in Anytown, U.S. of A. Somewhere in the middle of juggling schoolwork, relationships, theater, and skeins of yarn, I squeeze in time for my passion: writing.

I’m a proud graduate of Anytown Academy, where I spent three of my four years as a student there as a member of the Speech and Debate team, with a little orchestra and theater on the side. Every once in a while I decided to do homework.

I can either be found curled up with my laptop in an armchair at the home I share with my two loving parents or freaking out about homework in the crowded but cozy dormitories at UU. Depends on the time of year, or sometimes the time of day.

I work at the library at UU. My official job title is Circulation Worker, but I find that it’s easier to tell people that I’m a Librarian. That way I get asked questions about books and not about how to improve heart health.

I’m a Christian. And I’m not ashamed of that. The posts you read on my blog will occasionally border on the inspirational or devotional. I’m not even going to try and help it. My hope and prayer is that this blog will glorify God, and that my posts will honor Him.


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