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Well, This Has Been Fun


2012. Here it is. There it goes.

My overly-excited neighbors have begun shooting off fireworks two hours early. With any luck, they’ll run out of firecracker by the time I need to go to bed.

2012 has been a lovely year for me. I’m almost sad to see it go.

This year took me to Croatia and back. This year saw one of my best friends get married to the man of her dreams. This year proved me wrong on all the right counts, and proved me right on all the right counts, too. This year brought The Hobbit, which was marvelous. This year taught me what love isn’t, which has proved to be very helpful information. I’ve had just the right ratio of goodbyes and hellos in 2012, and some of those hellos have the promise of even more hellos in the future.

Best of all, this year God showed Himself to be just as powerful as everyone always told me He was. He pulled me out of the muck and planted my feet on an unshakable Rock. He has made me stronger. He has made me more dedicated. He has polished off a few more of my rough edges. He deserves all the credit for making 2012 a marvelous year.

Outside of my little life-bubble, things are going crazy. There have been wars and rumors of wars; horrendous school shootings; laws passed that limit our freedoms; horrible natural disasters that slaughtered thousands. It’s hard to remember in times like these that there actually is a God in control of the world. But He is. He is in control. His plan is not plain—but if there’s one thing I know about His plan, it’s that it leads to a happy ending. I read through the Bible this year. I just finished reading the Book of Revelation today. Trust me—everything’s going to turn out okay for those who’ve followed Him faithfully.

2012 has been great. If nothing else, it brought us closer to that Happy Ending.  And 2013 will bring us closer still.


Beautiful Day for the End of the World


The day the world has been anxiously awaiting has finally arrived. It’s the end of the world as we know it, folks. A civilization of highly superstitious Early Americans that died out centuries ago couldn’t possibly be wrong.

If you leaned out your window this morning, you might have noticed the absence of asteroids falling from the perfectly clear, blue sky. If not, you probably at least turned on the TV or radio to hear reports of the devastation, and might have been disappointed to receive only a traffic report and a blurb about Kate Middleton’s baby.  

If you were intrepid enough to step out of your house and/or underground bunker, you might have anticipated hoards of frightened people fleeing for the hills. Instead, if you were close enough to a road, you would have seen the occasional soccer mom in an SUV packed to the brim with Christmas purchases. Instead of the sound of gunfire, screams of terror, and roaring explosions, the loudest sound was the winter wind hissing through the barren trees.

You may have watched the skies all day, waiting for so much as a pebble to fall from the sky. But, considering the fact that you are reading this and therefore are most likely not dead, you can safely assume that the world did not end today. Chances are it won’t end tomorrow either. You see, there is only One who knows which day is the End of Days. He told us “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but [the] Father only.” As clever as we humans like to imagine ourselves to be, there is no way of knowing when the world will end. All we can know for sure is that it will end one day. But then the story will begin anew, with a new heaven and a new earth. This new world will be similar to the old—only perfect, with no death and no pain. And this perfect world will last forever. I’d pass up this old world for that new one any day.

But for now, since the world apparently is not due for its doom anytime soon, this old world will have to suffice. Pity.

Lesson Number One in Using Our Brains


So this is 2012. Hmm. Feels a lot like 2011.

Except this year will be different. As I’m sure you all have heard, the world will be ending this year. Kaboom. End of story. Sorry, folks.

How do I know this? I’m sure you’ve all heard about how the Mayan calendar ends in 2012. There was a prediction that a planet will collide with Earth on December 21 of this year, and we’ll all go bye-bye. Clearly those guys know something the rest of the world doesn’t, so they left us a hint that the world will be coming to its swift conclusion this year. I advise you all to plan accordingly.

The source seems pretty credible. I mean, the Mayan civilization is responsible for such incredible art and architecture. They even invented ball courts. Who cares if there were a civilization of superstitious, baby-sacrificing people who worshipped trees and jaguars? And besides, since their civilization has lasted for such a long time, anything they produce must be credible, right?

Oh, wait? What’s that? The Mayan only lasted from 250-900 A.D.? They no longer exist? Oh. And if a planet were going to hit the earth on the 21st of December, we would be able to see it by now? Oh. And if the Mayan calendar is properly translated to the Gregorian calendar, the current doomsday prediction is actually 60 days off? Wait, what’s that? The Mayan never even predicted that the world was going to end in the first place? Oh. Woops. My bad.

Well, in that case, never mind. False alarm, folks.

The next time you hear a doomsday prediction, feel free to roll your eyes and laugh it off. I know I do.