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A Few Comments Rising from a Debacle at a Consignment Store


The fashion industry is dumb. I have made my opinion clear on this issue a few times, so I won’t elaborate much further other than to say:

1. Most pairs of women’s jeans are manufactured under the erroneous assumption that

A. women are all built the same way,

B. don’t eat,

C. and have no bones.

2. All the brand-name chieftains need to organize a powwow where they

A. figure out a standard for sizing so that

B. a woman can always pull a pair of “her size” jeans off the rack and know they will fit, or at least zip, no matter what brand they are,

C. because as it stands, she could fit into her size in one brand and have to go ten sizes up in another—besides, if

D. a guy can walk into a department store, tell the salesclerk his measurements, and walk out with a pair of pants without even trying them on, why can’t women?

3. Some of us are waiting for

A. the pendulum of popular opinion to swing in such a way that

B. wearing skirts and dresses can be the accepted norm for casual attire again, just so we don’t have to shop for stupid jeans anymore.

And don’t even get me started on swimsuits.