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Grey and Yellow


Grey day, yellow day,

Rough day, mellow day.

Some days you have bills to pay,

Some days someone pays your way.

Some days are on the up and up,

While others tip your coffee cup.

Some days bend you ’till you break,

Others serve you chocolate cake.

Who knows the trials we will face

As members of the human race?

But I believe we’ll  be okay

If you’re the yellow to my grey.

“What is ‘This’?”



This is not a rose

Blushing once in bloom,

In a moment red to brown

And cankered, root and stem.


Nor is this a flame

Burning bud and branch,

Consuming and consuming,

Producing only ash.


Yet this is not a stone

Indifferent to the wind

Or fanfare of sunrise or set,

Eroding into sand.


No. This is a tree—

Its core a growing green—

That weathers every winter

And blossoms every spring.


Big Band


Out on a limb

And full to the brim

A cat up a tree

Is me

Yes, siree


Walking on air

Not a fear, not a care

Just a bird in the clouds

Sing loud

Sing it proud


I wished for a while

On that last sleepy star

And with a sad little smile

Said, “Well, it’s too far

To hear a wish from a fool.

And besides, as a rule,

Wishing won’t take you a mile.”


But then the big band played

A hot yellow song

And you came and you stayed

And we sang along

To some bright brassy tune

About spring, or the moon,

And I knew I had it made.


Out in the sun

With a song that’s begun

And a smile big and wide

Can’t hide

Down inside


Flight without end

Knowing I have a friend

Now I can’t help but sing

Of spring

Of anything


Give me a band,

A big brass band,

And I’ll sing.



Where wander you

star gazer

space walker

universe traverser


you look up to see your homeland

and I wish to follow where your eyes go


the earth is not enough for you

never was


no you want to jump

from moon

to sun

to mercury


your magic carpet

the milky way


you look up to see your homeland

and I wish to follow where your eyes go


universe traverser

space walker

star gazer

where wander you?

One More Sleep ‘Til Christmas


I’ve finished my wrapping. The Carpenters are doing what they do best over our speakers. I have a cup of spearmint tea, and the lights on our tree are simply lovely.

I watched two versions of A Christmas Carol today. One with Muppets and the other with George C. Scott. I enjoy both equally, but for different reasons. The Muppets version makes me glow inside. The George C. Scott version gets me teary for all the right reasons.

The Muppets version has this darling little song called “One More Sleep ‘Til Christmas.” An appropriate song to hear today, since tomorrow is that day of days, the day around which the entire kid year revolves. I’m no longer a kid, much to my deep regret, but my year still revolves around Christmas.

And it’s tomorrow.

I wish you all a good night’s sleep—

That you’ll dream dreams you want to keep.

But before you crawl in bed,

I know you want to—go ahead—

Lean out your open window. Try

To see if reindeer really fly.

Then hit the hay and dream away,

For tomorrow’s Christmas Day. 

Daughter Mine


Daughter mine, don’t be afraid.

The night is dark, I know,

But the blackest night will never melt

The whiteness of the snow.


Daughter mine, avoid the dog

That lurks along your way.

Lie with dogs, awake with fleas—

You, too, may end a stray.


Daughter mine, look up, ahead—

The clouds may mask the sun,

But his bright face is shining still;

His day is never done.


Daughter mine, the door is closed

That holds back all your doubt.

The door of hope is opened wide—

Run towards it, daughter—shout!


Daughter mine, remember this

As you face grey unknown:

That I am ever with you.

Daughter mine, you’re not alone.