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Dumpy is the New Hip

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This just in: conservative skirts are the new hot item for fall.

No, I’m not a fashionista. Anyone who knows anything about me can tell you that I don’t care two cents for anything that the runways regurgitate. My wardrobe consists of flowy, loose fitting tiered skirts and brightly-colored tops and almost all of my shoes are sensible flats. I refuse to get my ears pierced—if God wanted holes in the lobes He would have put them there—and I keep my nails at their natural brownish-pink. I have no idea what my skin type is and if anyone mentions makeup I break out in hives. So, no, I don’t follow fashion. But according to the Wall Street Journal, it seems that fashion is following me.

I never read the WSJ, but my dad does, and yesterday one of the articles caught my eye. According to the article, skirts whose hemlines fall between the knee and the ankle are suddenly the next big thing.

This surprised me. My whole life I’ve been told by my fashion-conscious friends that mid-length is the dumpiest thing you could wear shy of a hand-me-down Mumu. Emphasizes how wide your calves are, etc. Overall, it’s always been considered a blah, noncommittal length. But now mid-length skirts are making their noncommittal way to the headlines.

Why? Because, apparently, that length is ideal for early fall. Not so long that you suffocate, but not so short that you’ll freeze. Also, they leave a lot to the imagination (neat concept, ladies), so they have an attractive, mysterious—and I quote—“allure.”

Brilliant. I’ve known this for years. Half of my skirts are that length. I am so ahead of my time.