The Rambler likes to knit. She also likes to show off what she’s been knitting.

Recent Purlings:

Erin's Wisconsin Socks

Erin’s Wisconsin Socks: I have a close friend who decided to go to a university far, far away from Anytown. It’s fridgid in Wisconsin 99.9% of the time, so I decided to keep her feet warm while she’s up there. She loves the color green and she loves Irish knots. Combine the two, and you get the perfect pair of tootsie-toasters (as far as Erin is concerned). Completed August 8, 2011
Miss Rambler is on Ravelry! Look for QueenAmeryn.

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  1. I do love them. And it starting to get cold enough to wear them. 🙂 Looking forward to the scarf you’re making for me. Hufflepuff all the way! And you’ll be happy to know there is a violinist on campus here who has a legit Ravenclaw scarf (complete with House insignia)!

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